2018 Mullet Lake Results

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 6.13.37 PM

The PBBM headed North to fish the St John’s River. The club launched from Mullet Lake park and figured out quickly the water was shallow and dirty.

Braving the constant flow of recreational boat traffic, Bob Theilacker worked his magic and brought in 14.01 lbs for the win. Bob worked a buzzbait early on for the majority of his fish.

Brian Cole travelled to multiple areas to string together his 2nd place finish(8.41 lbs).

3rd place went to new club member Brandon Chablis(7.85 lbs). Brandon also snagged big bass of the day (5.51lbs) throwing a chatterbait over submergedgrass.

Boat finishers:

Theilacker/Erickson (1st)

Ragusin/Pickton (2nd)

Allender/Chablis (3rd).

Next month the club heads down to Lake Okeechobee for their annual weekend tournament.

The PBBM are always looking for new anglers to join the club.

S. Allender
PBBM Tour director

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