New Club Sponsor – Bitter’s Bait & Tackle

PBBM is proud to announce our new sponsor, Bitter’s Bait & Tackle located in Longwood, Florida. PBBM Club Members receive a 10% discount on their purchases. For those members on Social Media you can follow the Official Bitter’s Bait & Tackle Page on Facebook HERE Their Official Website is: Their store can be found … More New Club Sponsor – Bitter’s Bait & Tackle

Mercury Marine’s View of Ethanol

Mercury Marine remains very active in developing a thorough understanding of important issues and environments in which our products must operate. Mercury’s engineers work constantly to expand our understanding of fuel technologies and their interactions with all Mercury products to ensure they perform properly and reliably. Mercury personnel work in concert with industry groups, such … More Mercury Marine’s View of Ethanol

Ugly Fishing Habitat, Beautiful Results

Story by David A. Brown at Let’s face it, not everywhere we fish is the 1,000 Islands, Lake Champlain, Havasu or Clear Lake. Sometimes, you’re staring at some pretty dreadful looking scenery while trying to focus on the right cast. Industrial waterfronts, docked barges, crumbled piers and algae-strewn seawalls – not exactly tourism brochure material. … More Ugly Fishing Habitat, Beautiful Results